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Our Life

Our family is extremely important to us and we try to see them as often as possible. Our parents are excited to be grandparents and are ready to share their love of reading, baking, gardening, and holidays. We celebrate holidays, graduations, birthdays, baptisms, attend recitals, ballgames, and even vacation together.

Our friends and family are so excited to support us in our adoption journey and cannot wait to see our family grow! We are very close with Tara, Jenn’s sister and Mary, Pat’s sister. It’s been amazing to help Tara and her husband Daniel’s children learn math, music, sports, watch them grow, and support them in both good and hard times.

They cannot wait to welcome a new cousin to our big family. Mary, Pat’s sister, and her husband live close enough to drop by for dinner or to babysit at a moment’s notice. Jenn’s brother, Joey, and his family live in South Carolina, a short road trip away.

Pat has a great singing voice and enjoys helping our nephew Samuel with his guitar lessons

George is always a fun playmate!

Jenn and Rebekah are getting pretty!

Pat loves his dad!

The mountains are our happy place!

We love the beach!