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About Us

Swinging is fun at any age!

We met by chance at a movie theater in Asheville, NC. While working together we developed a friendship. After a few weeks of dating we knew it was serious and not only did we fall in love, we became best friends. Starting a family and raising a child has been a dream of ours from the beginning. We have a passion for traveling and have been fortunate to experience new foods, cultures and adventures in Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, the Caribbean and many other places. We are eager to see our child’s excitement the first time they see Disney World or the Grand Canyon. Discovering the world through our child’s eyes will be amazing and we look forward to introducing our child to a variety of art, music, food and people.

Our little buddy George

About Jenn by Pat

Jenn is the best person I have ever met, because she is kind, loving, and down to earth. She is my best friend and I am so excited to be embarking on this path of adoption with her. She is well loved by friends, family, and of course by me! She is quiet, but makes a big impact with her carefully chosen words. She is incredible with children – acting as a second mom to her sister’s kids. She loves to laugh and make others laugh. I guarantee that our child will be reading in no time, given Jenn’s love for the written word.

Niece and nephew Rebekah and Caleb love their Uncle Pat!

About Pat by Jenn

Pat is one of the most wonderful people I have ever known. He is kind, compassionate, and loving. He has great amount of patience and is a fantastic listener. He’s very active and loves outdoor activities, especially cycling. I love watching him spend time with our nephews and nieces, they adore him and the feeling is mutual. All these things combined make him the incredible man that I love and I cannot wait to see him be an amazing dad.

We love to be adventurous!

Hiking the canyon

Enjoying the view

Pat works as a Software Engineer and Jenn works as a Corporate Auditor, which allows us to be home in the evenings and on weekends. Our jobs provide flexibility for doctor visits or vacations and make family a top priority.

Exploring the waterfront

Making goodies with Rebekah!